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Chronic Ankle Instability

The Cycle of Chronic Ankle Instability

  • The initial inversion injury occurs: your foot suddenly rolls inwardly and your weight shifts onto the outside edge of your ankle

  • The forced rotation of your ankle joint causes the supporting ligaments to stretch or tear

  • Stretched and torn ligaments are weaker and may not heal properly

  • Unable to play their role supporting the ankle joint, your ligaments give way easily, resulting in more sprains

  • The result is chronic ankle instability and an unending cycle of ankle sprains

  • Over time, and without treatment, repeated injury to the ankle ligaments can lead to degenerative changes and possibly osteoarthritis

Progression of Instability, Pain, and Arthritis

So, you’ve been diagnosed with chronic ankle instability...Now what?

Know that chronic ankle instability is a long-term condition that may not heal on its own. Rest, ice, compression, non-weight bearing, physical therapy, and elevation may provide temporary relief of the pain from an ankle sprain, but they will not repair damaged ligaments. Once conservative treatment is exhausted, surgical repair may be necessary. InternalBrace is like a brace on the inside!

Ask Dr. Sara Shirazi if the InternalBrace ligament augmentation may be right for you - call (626) 517-0022.

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