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Dr. Shirazi's Shoe Gear Recommendations

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Recommendations for Flat Feet, Over-Pronators, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain and Instability

Brooks is a wonderful brand which is not only stylish but provides maximum support for plantar fasciitis/ heel pain. The Adrenaline line is my personal favorite all around shoe. The Adrenaline offers a 12mm drop from heel to toe which helps to put your weight more in the forefoot and away from the plantar heel. The Adrenaline has great cushion for shock absorbing under the foot and supports the foot to control the rearfoot, prevent medial column collapse, and act as added support against instability as you walk or run.

Womens Adrenaline

Mens Adrenaline

If you feel that you do not have enough cushion with the Adrenaline, then you will want to explore the Ghost model below. The Ghost is a neutral shoe which is a highly supportive option for both flatter and higher arched feet. It provides ultimate cushion to prevent callus buildup, pain on the outside of the foot, and calm down arch pain.

Womens Ghost

Mens Ghost

The Brooks Revel shoe (below) is great for a light-weight springy feel, ideal for indoor workouts. This is a road running shoe which may not be best used for all purposes however it will give you an energized spring in your step, along with neutral support so you can fit your custom or over-the-counter orthotics in them without having to worry about being too over-corrected.

Womens Revel

Mens Revel


Shoe Recommendations for Toe-Walking Children

The most common reasons why children toe walk are:

  • Flat Feet: Children with flat feet have poor balance and coordination. To combat this, children might raise on the toes to put the foot in a more stable position. Toe walking enhances the arch which creates a more stable foot (base) and temporarily improves the child’s balance and stability. This however is not normal and promotes improper muscle balance development and needs to be addressed. Be sure to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Shirazi and rule out neurological pathology.

  • Short Achilles tendon: A short Achilles tendon can prevent your child’s heels from touching the ground. This can be addressed with appropriate and specialized physical therapy.

  • Sensory perceptions: Check the surface your child is walking on. Maybe the child doesn’t like the feeling of the cold tile or furry carpet and this exaggerates the symptoms. This is more common in younger children.

  • Vision impairments.

In my experience, most children walk on their toes due to having flat feet. I would say that 8 out of 10 of the toe walking children I have helped were flat-footed or had a tight achilles tendon.

Below are my shoe recommendations for toe-walking children

Fresh Foam 860v11

Arishi v2

Saucony Cohesion 14


Has your doctor put you in a fracture boot?

EVENup is an accessory shoe lift that is used for compensating temporary leg length discrepancy that patients experience with a boot on one foot while recovering from an injury or surgery. EVENup was developed by two Podiatrists in Ft. Myers Florida after hearing complaints from patients wearing a fracture boot. The boot left them walking unevenly and thus hurting the back, hip, and/or knee.

Sandal Recommendations




Best Socks for Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Pain

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